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Couldn't come at a worse Time...



My LJ Community!

I'm 19 yrs old, Although my maturity level is much lower, (trust me) I have a mom, a younger & an older sis, a little bro & a beautiful female tabby cat.

Nicknames: Kitten, Secret Squirrel, Marebear, & there are some who call me Tim

Nationality: Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, German, Dutch, & Slovak

Religion: Roman Catholic

Heroes: Walt Disney, The Pythons, My Daddy, & of course my Savior Jesus Christ!

Favorite Actors: Keira Knightly, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Emma Watson, Alyssa Milano, Julian McMahon, Sandra Bullock, Amanda Bynes & Michael Palin

Favorite Genre: Romantic Comedies

Favorite Soundtracks: Star Wars Episode 5, POTC 3, What a Girl Wants, A Walk to Remember, & Charmed: Final Chapter

Movies I can watch over and over: The Two Towers, Beauty & the Beast, The Notebook

Favorite Albums: Room For Squares, NSYNC, Under My Skin, The Spirit Room

Favorite Songs: This is tough, but....God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You, Back to You, The Way I Loved You

Favorite Lyrics: ~Today skies are painted colors of a cowboy's cliche'
And strange how clouds that look like mountains
in the sky are next to mountains anyway~

Places I love: Chicago, Savanna, & Myrtle Beach

Places I've been: Florida, Georgia, & South & North Carolina, & all the states surrounding Illinois

Places to see before I die: Europe

Dream Vacation: Flying to Great Britain to meet Michael Palin

Favorite Cuisine: Chinese, Polish, & Filipino

Favorite Dishes: Pansit, Corn, broccolli and cheese, & the grecian chicken salad with creamy garlic dressing from Mickey's

Favorite Desserts: Rocky Road Ice Cream, carrot cake, cheesecake, & strawberry shortcake

Favorite Drinks: Carmel flavored coffees, arnold palmers, & any kind of limeades

Favorite Junk Foods: Sour patch kids & beef jerkey

Best meal ever: too many combos to name

Favorite Restaurants: Portillos, Dragon Light, Outback Steakhouse, & T.G.I. Fridays

Favorite Books: Rebecca, The Harry Potter series, The Keys to the Kingdom series, Pride & Prejudice, That Extra Half Inch, Two Way Street, & The Python's Autobiography

Favorite Authors: Garth Nix, Walter Dean Myers, Jane Austen, & JK Rowling

Favorite Genres: Mystery, Sci Fi/fantasy, & Realistic fiction

Favorite Characters: Susy Turquoise Blue, Elizabeth Bennet, Draco Malfoy, the Weasley twins, and Hermione Granger

Favorite Shows: spongebob, fairly odd parents, phineas & Ferb, Monty Python's Flying Circus, danny phantom, Charmed, Life with Derek, That '70's show, I luv the 80s/90s, Alias (on occasion), Supernatural, LOST, & Dragonball Z

Favorite Channels: Nickolodeon, Nicktoons, Nick 2, Disney XD, The Food Network, BBC America, & The Game Show Network

Favorite Reruns: Monty Python's Flying Circus, Charmed, That '70's Show, Andy Griffith, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Cosby Show, & Boy Meets World

Most Addictive Show: Any "daytime drama" (including Charmed) & any anime

Favorite Late Night Talk Show: I only tune into those if I know one of my fave celebs is going to be interviewed

Characters you relate to: Piper & Phoebe from Charmed and Hurley from LOST

Favorite Theme Song: Tru Calling & Charmed

Show I Secretly Watch: ABC soaps on occasion

Show I wished wasn't cancelled: Monty Python's Flying Cirucs!!!! God, I wish I was alive in the 70s!